An Appraisal & Inspection Company Specializing in
Mineral Processing & Construction Machinery

Inspection Services For Lenders

On-site inspection of equipment to verify the condition, miles or hours on the unit and inspect for damage or wear that would affect its value. We go where the equipment is! Call for more information: 303‐601‐1197.

For Prospective Buyers

Would you like a second opinion from an unbiased professional on a large capital investment in machinery or equipment? An in-depth inspection at a reasonable cost will protect your investment and provide inexpensive peace-of-mind. We go where the equipment is! Call for more information: 303‐601‐1197.

Services, Process & Pricing

Appraisal— An unbiased opinion of value of an identified property based upon the investigation and analysis of pertinent data and the application of appropriate analytical techniques.

Fair Market Value— The dollar amount typically obtained for property between a willing Buyer/User and a willing Seller, neither under any compulsion to buy or sell and both fully aware of all relevant facts.

Liquidation Value— The estimated gross amount typically realized from a properly advertised and conducted public sale on an “as is, where is” basis.

Full Appraisal— On‐site inspection by the appraiser to document specific information regarding the machinery or equipment, including model numbers, serial numbers, engine size/hours, mileage, upgrades or modifications (if any), date of acquisition and condition. Asset is photographed and documented. Compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Desktop Appraisal— Performed without an onsite inspection of the asset(s). Client is provided with an “equipment documentation form” and “definitions of conditions” to complete and return. Clients collect all physical data, report current conditions, and supply digital photographs to form an opinion of value.

Letter of Opinion— The opinion of value is a range of values generated from lists and other informational materials supplied to the appraiser, without benefit of an on‐site inspection. No details or photos are provided.

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