Machinery Appraisals LLC

Appraisal & inspection


May be required for the following:

  • Asset based financing
  • Asset management
  • Asset purchase valuation
  • Asset recovery value
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bonding
  • Divorce
  • Incorporation
  • Insurance loss
  • Joint ventures
  • Lease projection
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Replacement cost
  • Settlement
  • Tax planning

Next Steps: Preparing for an Appraisal or Inspection

The more complete your records are, the less time it will take to do the appraisal.

Pricing By the Project

We can quote your appraisal or inspection project. The accuracy of our quote is dependent on the stated needs of our customer and the accuracy of their records. We go where the equipment is!
Call for more information: 303‐601‐1197.

Inspection Services For Lenders

On-site inspection of equipment to verify the condition, miles or hours on the unit and inspect for damage or wear that would affect its value.

For Prospective Buyers

Would you like a second opinion from an unbiased professional on a large capital investment in machinery or equipment? An in-depth inspection at a reasonable cost will protect your investment and provide inexpensive peace-of-mind.

Purchasing Via Internet?

We provide third-party independent inspections to verify the condition of the machines you are buying.

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